Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway aka NC&StL, NC&Stl.L, ncstl,  

Wilson Spur

Abandoned NC&STL Railway
Route Between Memphis, Jackson & Bruceton

Wilson Spur - Milepost ONI 219.9

NC&STL main line was laid in left side of the existing siding before I-40 (Sam Cooper Blvd.)
overlaid at this point. Mendenhall Road looking west.

"If my memory is correct it was sometime in the 70's this was done. There were grade crossings at Mendenhall, Perkins, and White Station Roads. The track used to run right behind the old Hart's Bakery at Summer and Mendenall and the bakery used to get a lot of covered hoppers of flour on their spur." Steve Forrest

"The Summer and Mendenhall area used to always smell great when the bakery was in operation. You could buy hot loaves of unsliced bread right out of the oven. Butter it up and that was some fine eating. The old Shakey's Pizza Parlor on Mendenhall just off Summer Avenue wasn't bad either. Gee, now I am wishing for Hart's Bread, Shakey's Pizza, and the NC&StL all back. After all that you could gas up at the site gas station on Summer and get a free gift with a fill up. Then go down the street to the Big M (later Gattas) dept store (or Corondolet) and do some shopping. Oh yeah, don't forget that Robilio's BBQ on Summer Avenue and the Red Barn hamburger joint by the Corondolet store. Wow - big nostalgia kick here." Steve Forrest

"The bakery at Summer and Mendenhall was Harts Bakery. I think it was built in the early 1950's. I wonder why it was called Wilson. Kemmons Wilson built his very first Holiday Inn on Summer just east of Mendenhall." Bill Strong

See track realignment located between west of Berclair and I-240 Expressway for new Sam Cooper Blvd. circa 1970.

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1913 NC&STL track diagram (updated circa 1930's). See legend for the abbreviations and symbols.

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Topo map of Berclair on July 1, 1993 by TerraServer-USA.


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