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Whiteville Station - Milepost 173.5 (Page 1)

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NC&STL steam train coming from east into the Whiteville Station in circa 1930. Note the shadow
of signal pole, ladder and depot is in the foreground and a wigwag road crossing signal next to the
Pacific engine Class K. Photo & contributed by Charles G.Blanton.

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NC&STL RPO passenger train stopped at the station in circa 1940. The guy in the right is
loading and unloading the mail package with dolly. Photo & contributed by Charles G. Blanton.

Whiteville Depot in the early 1900's. Photo by Henry C. Hill. Contributed by Charles G. Blanton.

Crowd people listen a special speaker (name unknown) at the Whiteville Depot in the early 1900's.
Unknown photographer. Contributed by Terry Coats.

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Annie Laura Pepper at Whiteville Station (circa 1920).
Unknown photographer. Contributed by Betty Fleet.

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Mary Lee Pepper (left) and Alice Elizabeth Pepper at Whiteville
Depot (circa 1920). Published by Hardeman County Historical
Commission, 1979. Contributed by George & Betty Fleet.

Whiteville Station

I have a "From the paw of..." note from my mother, Betty J. (Pepper) Fleet written about this Whiteville Station on February 16, 2005 that reads:

"This is the train station in Whiteville. You can see the bank building (left background) it burned in the 90's. The woman is Annie Laura Pepper (John Robert Pepper's sister). I don't know what year this was made.

When I was around 9 or 10 years old, the station still looked this way (I don't know when this picture was made but I think in the 20's probably). Cotton was sent to Memphis from here. The "wagon" looking carts were for luggage & packages being sent on the train."

Left: Note there was a vertical mile post on the power/telegraph pole left of her which reads "173.15". Memphis mile marker read "ONI 228.00" and decreased as one traveled East. The station was southeast side of the approximate-an-half-mile-long double track for bypass. She stood on the ladder beside the signal pole. The station had been demolished for the U.S. Postal Service property (unknown date). The railroad track was removed in 1968. Today there is an existing road named "Railroad Avenue" (not shown) on the northwest side of that bank dedicated on NC&STL's former railroad bed from here to a mile northeast. This picture is TN State Secondary 179 also known as Maple Street looking northeast at the intersection of TN State Secondary 15 AKA East Main Street.

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NC&STL train killed a pick-up trucker, Dick Pinner in east of Whiteville Station in circa 1940's.
Note the right picture showing the milepost sign "173" is behind this truck.
Photo & contributed by Charles G. Blanton.

Rear car bumper damaged at Whiteville Depot in circa 1940's.
Note "Southern Express Company" sign under the "Whiteville"
station sign. Photo & contributed by Charles G. Blanton.

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NC&STL F7 engines departing from west of Whiteville Station toward Memphis in the 1950's.
Note a person is enjoying to read the newspaper. Photo & contributed by Charles G. Blanton.

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This is a scanned postal card from the unnamed publication at downtown Whiteville circa 1955.
You may see Whiteville Depot is at the end of Main Street between two long shop buildings.
See today Main Street in downtown showing missed depot. Contributed by Betty Fleet.

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This view from the mid-1950's shows NC&STL's City of Memphis GP-7 #752
eastbound on the main line between Keller Farm & Whiteville in north side of
U.S. Highway 64 (left). Note the front top is the smoke deflector for the steam generator.
Photo & contributed by Charles G. Blanton.

I believe this picture was earlier than 9:00 am while NC&STL's 1st class passenger train
no. 105.

See Page 2


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