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Mullins Station

Abandoned NC&STL Railway
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Mullins Station (Shelby Farms) - Milepost ONI 217.2 (Page 1)

"The only thing that I remember is right in front of the Penal Farm, there used to be a small overhang where people could sit and wait for a train, not being a station but a narrow overhang with roofs going down on either side. It was not for bus traffic. It was on railroad property and right on south side next to the rail tracks. Being between the rails and the Penal Farm. I would say that it would be at least two passenger car lengths. This would be between 1943 and 1947 time period." John Arnold

A L&N GP35 #1127 heading by Mullins Station from Wolf River bridges.
This view (milepost ONI 217.7) is in the early 1980's.
Photo and contributed by Richard Parker.

Sycamore View Road Extd. looking west (milepost ONI 217.6). A Seaboard System
GP30 #1318/GP38 power lashup was required to handle the heavy train on
October 8, 1984. Photo and contributed by David Johnston.

Some day on October 1986 the train was using on
the Cordova Branch track.

On Janauary 29, 2006 the former main line made this looks a sad day. The left area of
this track is Shelby County Correction Center for the women.

Both photographs are the same view at Sycamore View Road Extd. looking west (milepost ONI 217.6).

Seaboard System MP15T #1216 eastbound with the "Cordova Local" approaches Mullins Station Road in August, 1987. The branch job operated three days a week as a "turn" out of Leewood Yard. After deliverying carloads of lumber to the lumber company at the end of the line in Cordova, empty cars would be brought back to Leewood, via Aulon, that same day. Photo & contributed by David Johnston.


Old Frisco 1166 caboose sat on the spur track west side of a main correction center some day on October 1986.


Sycamore View Road Extd. looking east (milepost ONI 217.6) on October 23, 2005. There was approximate an 1/2 mile long track siding on the left side (see old railroad bed) of the former main line began from here to Mullins Station Road (see right). The right area of this track is a main correction center as a county penal farm.

Mullins Station Road looking west (milepost ONI 217.2) on January 29, 2006. There is a very short distance abandoned track siding on the road. Long time ago the former Mullins freight depot may be located on that parking corner where two white cars are parked. See Mullins Station Road looking east (milepost ONI 217.2) by others. That is why the "Mullins Station" road sign was named for the NC&STL freight depot and passenger shelter.

Click for enlargement

This view is near Sycamore View Road Extd. looking east (milepost ONI 217.7).
The crews cleaned up and trimmed many small trees ready for the trackmen will
come and remove the entire track. It will become to the Cordova Branch Greenway
aka Greater Memphis Greenline.

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Old telegraph pole is still standing in the wood area beside
the old main line. See zoomed in for the blue & brown
insulators. It is located about a half mile east of
Mullins Station (+-216.8)

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Mullins Station Street signs are for the former NC&STL freight depot & passenger
shelter before 1940's. The right sign is north-south street crossing old main line
and other side is west-east road to Shelby Farms (public park).

See Page 2


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