Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway aka NC&StL, NC&Stl.L, ncstl,  

South Hollywood Street

Abandoned NC&STL Railway
Route Between Memphis, Jackson & Bruceton

South Hollywood Street - Milepost NI 224.5

L&N 606, is seen passing under the Hollywood Street bridge circa 1965's.
This view is S. Hollywood Street overpass looking west.
Bill White photo, collection of Kevin Ferguson, contributed by Mike Conhren.

South Hollywood Street Extd. overpass looking east. This is the east end of
former totaled 7 tracks NC&STL yard. Today four tracks are using for the other
railroad companies.

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Contributed by Mike Condren.

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1913 NC&STL track diagram (updated circa 1930's). See legend for the abbreviations and symbols.

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Topo map of Aulon on July 1, 1993 by TerraServer-USA.


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