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James Coke Moore

Seeking Information:

My great grandfather, James Coke Moore was a conductor for the NC&StL. My grandfather and father are both passed away, and I have no one to ask, although my mother said something about the phrase "the Blue Goose." He lived in Buena Vista, TN and rode the train from Bruceton to Memphis.

I am a big railfan and railroad modeler, and I wish to dream of the things he did and see the things he saw. Now that I am older I want to go back to Bruceton, where my father took me, and see the things I took for granted as a child. I would love to learn more about my great grandfather, the NC&StL, and how to keep it alive.



James Coke Moore was born 4 Nov. 1879 in Carroll Co. TN. He married Josephine Sedberry on 11 Oct. 1904, and they had four children: Moreen (1906); Maurice (1908, my father); James Coke, Jr. (1910); and Caroline (1914). Josie died in 1954 and Coke followed in 1955.

Coke went to work for the railroad in the early 1890's, supposedly after the fourth grade, as a waterboy and rose to be conductor of the NC&StL streamliner called the City of Memphis. l remember going to watch his train come into Memphis Union Station in the late 1940's and early 1950's. He would often come in and spend the night with us. Sometime in the 1940's they moved to Bruceton, their back yard backed up to the Bruceton railroad facility. Coke retired around 1953-4 and they moved back to Buena Vista before Josie died. Their house is still standing and occupied in Buena Vista. They are buried across the road in Spellings Cemetery, along with many of their ancestors.

Coke was the son of James Moore (1817-1896); son of John Moore (1793-1862); son of William Moore (1764-1849); son of James Moore (died 1781 at the Battle of Eutah Springs, SC). James and William were in the Revolutionary War.

Jim Moore, Germantown, TN, February 2007

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