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Delbert McDaniel & Family

Delbert McDdaniel

NCPS Member Floyd McDaniel relates the names of several relatives that worked for the NC&StL, again showing how "Grandpa's Road" was truly a family.

His Father's side of the family:

Wedding picture of Delbert McDaniel and Wife Ada Lowe taken in 1915. He was working for the NC&StL RR at that time.


  • Delbert McDaniel (my father) Section Foreman P&M Division
  • Luther McDaniel (my uncle) Trainman P&M Division
  • Mildred McDaniel and Opal Mae McDaniel (two of my sisters) Telegraph operators for P&M Division during WWII
  • Alan McDaniel (my cousin) was telegraph operator at Madison, TN. I'm not certain, but believe he worked for the NC&St.L.


  • James Robert Conger (my dad's brother-in-law) Supervisor P&M Division
  • His son, Leon Conger, Trainman P&M Division
  • His grandsons:James Conger & Junior Conger, both Trainmen P&M Division

His Mother's side of the family:

  • Father Jesse L. Lowe (her father) worked as a section laborer for a short time, P&M Division
  • A.G. Lowe, Trainman, P&M Division (her brother)
  • William McKinley (Kin) Lowe, Section Foreman, P&M Division (her brother)
  • Jim Lowe, Baggage Handler, P&M Division (her brother)




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