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Henry Clay martin

Henry Clay Martin was born in Pine Log, GA (a few miles northeast of Cartersville, GA) in April 1900. In September 1915 he began working as a Station Agent's helper for the L&N in Rydal, GA, just a mile or so from his home in Pine Log. He worked there until September 1917.

In September 1918 he began working for the NC&StL Atlanta Division as a Hostler's helper. (I assume that's more or less a fireman for the Hostler, which apparently is the same as a yard engineer.) In 1923 he became a fireman on the trains and began traveling the NC's rails. He met my grandmother, Lola Inez Berry (relative of the Berry College Berry's) in Dalton, GA the same year and they married in October 1925. RR Retirement Board records indicate that he was laid off in October 1928.

Granddad worked many odd jobs from then until 1939, he was a clerk at a grocery store in Decatur, GA, he started a shoe repair business with his brother, and various other undertakings to support his family, which by 1930 included himself, Grandmother, and two sons, Warren David and Edward Eugene (my dad).

In January 1939 Granddad began working for the NC&StL again, this time as a yard fireman, a position he held until just before the NC was absorbed by the L&N. He was promoted to Yard Engineer just before the absorption and stayed at that position until he retired with the L&N in August 1964. This last part about his becoming an engineer in 1957 is according to the Retirement Board records, and I have an employee's pass for he and my grandmother to ride on a Southern Railway passenger train to D.C. dated 1950 that states that he's an engineer for the NC&StL at that time.

Submitted by Randy Martin, grandson



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