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Charles Leroy Jackson

Seeking Information

Charles Leroy Jackson was killed in a train wreck in Gravesville Ga approximately five miles from Chattanooga TN on February. 2 1901 at 5:50 PM while working as the engineer in the second engine of a double header for the W&A rail road. It was his first trip out after being off from work for approximately six weeks with engineers paralysis.

As it was told to me, back in those days they did not have phones every where and when they wanted to get in touch with some body they would sent what was called a call boy on a bycycle to get messages to some one. When the call boy got to my grand fathers house (at 104 Fowler Street in Atlanta Ga) he asked my grand mother if he could see Mr. Jackson.  She ask him what he wanted to see him about and the call boy said they need him to help pull a special train to Chattanooga Tenn. for Calmunet Baking Co.

My grand mother (who was pregnant with my Uncle Uriga L. Jackson) told the call boy that he could not see him because he was sick and could not work.  But my grandfather heard her talking to the call boy and told her to let him in. When the call boy told my grandfather what they wanted, my grand mother went into a rage and told the call boy to leave the house and do not come back. My grandfather told my grandmother that if she would just settle down and let him take this trip that when he got back to Atlanta that they would move south and buy a small farm and he would quit the rail road and live out his life farming.

Homer Bailey

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