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MRR Paint Colors

Probably the question most frequently asked is "What color paint should I use?"

Here are some suggestions:


  • 1/3 Tuscan, 1/3 Caboose Red, 1/3 Glaze, FOLQUIL (Use just a little less Glaze for touching up the Atlas GP-7 as they are not quite so glossy.)
  • Straight Wisconsin Central Maroon-pretty near right as pre-mixed. FOLQUIL -Tom Knowles
  • NYC Pacemaker Red with a little Tuscan thrown in. -Ken Herrell
  • 75% Caboose Red, 20% Roof Brown, 5% Reefer White, FLOQUIL - Larry Peters


  • UP Armor Yellow, FOLQUIL -Tom Knowles


  • DPH 956 Gray - Des Plains Hobbies. Perfect match
  • Three parts, SP-Letter Gray mixed one part, Reefer White, FOLQUIL (this gives the engine a 7-8 year old look). -Tom Knowles
  • 100% SP Lettering Gray for a newer look. -Tom Knowles
  • 100% SP Lettering Gray -Larry Peters
  • 4 parts Poly Scale New Gravel Grey, 1 part Reefer White - Marty McGuire, Model Railroading.


  • DSP 955 - Des Plains Hobbies. Perfect match.
  • CSX Blue mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with SP Letter Gray (mixed 2:1 blue gives a dusty blue, this gives the engine a 7-8 year old look), (7-8 parts CSX Blue to 1 part Gray gives a medium dusty blue), FOLQUIL -Tom Knowles
  • 50% Light Blue, 50% Dark Blue, both FLOQUIL - Larry Peters
  • Modelflex Gloss Blue (Walthers 165-16110). You can use it straight out of the bottle - no chaser - and it fits the NC blue very well, especially after you have decaled and sprayed a dull coat. - Bob Garrison
  • 5 parts Poly Scale Grand Trunk Western Blue, 1 part B&O Royal Blue - pretty good - Marty McGuire, Model Railroading

Roof Black:

  • Weathered Black, (Flat Black) FLOQUIL -Larry Peters

As an added note, Tom Knowles always suggests adding a little Glaze to any of these mixes to give the engines that needed touch of sheen.



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