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Paris, TN

NC&StL Railroad History in Paris, TN

The NC&Stl line that ran through Paris, TN was part of the Paducah and Memphis (P&M) Division originally laid down by the Paducah, Tennessee, and Alabama (PT&A) RR. PT&A began building the line in 1890 from Paducah south toward west TN. A short time later the line reached Paris and continued south to Bruceton, Lexington, Jackson, and Memphis.  PT&A went bankrupt in 1896 and was purchased by L&N at auction and then leased to the NC&Stl. The NC&Stl depot was built in 1896 and was closed to passenger service in 1951. 

According to my great grandfather Elzie D. Conger, the P&M line was very busy in the 1930's and 40's. He worked for the NC&Stl for 30 years as a watchman at the Rison St crossing. When trains approached he would go out to the street with his stop sign to warn traffic of the oncoming trains. He said in a article in the Paris Post Intelligencer that he remembered a time when many trains would rolled through Paris daily on the P&M line. When he retired in 1960 after 54 years of working for the railroad he said there were only about 2 trains per day on the P&M line through Paris. This was after the 1957 merger of L&N and NC&Stl when train traffic in Paris started to decline.

Some of the railroad is still in use today by KWT railways from Murray, KY to Bruceton, TN. KWT operates two daily trains Monday through Friday on the old NC&Stl line. 

Written by David R Porter, Paris,TN

Paris, TN was Incorporated in 1823

The NC&StL Depot is still standing in Paris.



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