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Flintville, TN

I grew up in Flintville, Ten. and the NC&STL railroad ran through my grandparents farm.
I have so many fond memories of this era.

Mr. John Caldwell who was the mail clerk on this run would throw bags of candy
by off to us kids. He received quit a bit of publicity for this.

My grand parents farm was a mile east of Flintville. The RR crossing there was known
as Browns crossing from their last name. The famous Flintville Light was about half a
mile east of Browns crossing. I had two uncles who worked for the NC&St L. 

I remember a Mr. Duckworth who was Foreman of a work gang, they rode on a little
motor flat car. Mr. Duckworth took my cousin & I on a ride one time from Browns
crossing up to Elora, this was quite a thrill for both of us. I am now 72 yrs. old and
still have fond memories of this famous ride. I have some spikes from the tracks
after they were torn out. I found these where the RR trestle crossed the creek
just as you approached Browns crossing from Flintville.

I remember one time the Cranford family was approaching the crossing in their old
A Model car and didn't make the curve at the crossing and all were critically injured.

One other story: a man whom I don't remember did not negotiate the curve and ended
up with the front end of his old Model A stuck upon the tracks and the train had pulled
out from Flintville. One of my uncles who worked for the NC&St L walked down the track
just past the trestle and flagged the train down. They stopped while my uncle got his
mule harnessed up and hooked him to the Model A and pulled him from the tracks.

Submitted by Bill Towry  

Flintville was located at milepost 108 on the Columbia Branch


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