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Background on NCPS

The NC&StL Railway Preservation Society, Inc., ( NCPS ), a Tennessee non-profit corporation, is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

The group was formed in July 2001 to serve as a freestanding organization dedicated to preserving any and everything that is related to the NC&StL Railway. The scope of this preservation quest is centred entirely on 576 at present. NCPS may endeavour to rescue other NC&StL rolling stock, buildings or other artifacts in the future as time and resources allow, but 576 is and will continue to be the centrepiece of attention for the Society. NCPS is seeking to successfully negotiate and execute a long-term lease with the city of Nashville for the community use and operation of #576 as a live, steaming history museum to honour Nashville's railroad heritage and to provide an additional tourist attraction for the city and the region.

The Society proposes to start this project with the successful negotiation and execution of a long-term lease, preferably in 20-year segments with reasonable renewal options, with the city of Nashville for the ability to move 576 from its current display inside Centennial Park to a secure location in Nashville where it may be restored to operating capacity and then operated on excursion trips around Nashville. Several other major cities in the country (Portland, Oregon; Indianapolis, Indiana; St. Louis, Missouri; and Austin, Texas) have already entered into similar arrangements with railfan and museum groups in their respective communities to restore steam engines that had previously been on static display and all of these projects have proven successful and beneficial to the respective cities.

Upon successful completion of the restoration process, 576 would be featured in a select number of quarterly operating one-day long, roundtrip excursions upon the Nashville and Eastern Railroad ( NERR ) to local communities such as Lebanon, Watertown and Cookeville and then return to Nashville. NCPS will benefit from its alliance with the Tennessee Central Railway Museum ( TCRM ), which has offered its facility for the initial secure storage of 576 once it is moved from the park.

NCPS welcomes contributions to the 576 Restoration Project as well as memberships in the Society.


Reprinted from The Crypt Magazine, Issue 29, 2002,

For further information, contact
Dain Schult, NCPS President,
Tom Knowles, Preservation Officer,


NC&StL Preservation Society, Inc. is in no way affiliated with the NC&StL Railway or any of it's successors.
As a non-profit entity, NCPS presents these pages to the public purely for educational and historic interest.

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