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576 Yellow Jacket to Stripe

Looking at #576 today, the question arises, "If #576 was delivered as a "Yellow Jacket", why then does she appear as a "Stripe" on display in Centennial Park today?"  The answer is simple - in order to facilitate maintenance during the demands of World War II, most (if not all) of the "Yellow Jackets" were modified.  The broad semi-streamline "Yellow Jacket" covering over the drivers was removed, as was the solid cone over the smoke box (in favor of a smaller one mounting the headlight).  With the covering over the drivers gone, the edge of the running board was painted in the fashion of the "Stripes." Thus we have "Stripe" #576 today.

Two photos showing 576 hard at work.  Notice that in both pictures 576 is still a Yellow Jacket. Notice a unique distinction inherent to "NC" locomotives - the red-painted flared stack.  



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