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We've been asked about quality polo shirts...

...and jackets

At this time, price would be about $50.We'll be hapy to order if enough interest in generated (i.e. advance orders.)

Jackets are even more expensive for small quantities.
We would need advance orders.

NC&StL Videos

To our knowledge, there are no videos exclusively NC&StL, but there are clips included in "Reflections on the L&N" by Herron Video Services. I believe copyright date was 1992 on that. That's the only one we know about.

Will you offer the publication from Carstens (Railfan Magazine) "The Dixie Line: Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway" by Charles Castner...

...or an earlier book "Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway: History and Steam Locomotives by Richard E. Prince?

Initially we will not be offering any books on the NC&StL other than the new one written by Mr. Schult. At some point down the road we may be in a position to offer a better selection.

* A list of current standing railroad structures (stations, towers,
etc.), abandoned lines or equipment (locomotives, freight cars, etc.) for
railfans to visit.

While the suggestion for a "Railfans" page is a good one, we will need to exercise extreme caution in this area. We cannot recommend for anyone to visit places that are on railroad property, as this is trespassing on private property. Abandoned lines and certain restored structures are accessible to the public so far as we know, such as Bridgeport, Alabama -- a beautifully restored NC&StL Station, among others.

We will need everyone's help in pulling this information together. Initially the website will concentrate on the cities served by the NC&StL, and build from there.

* Artifacts for sale.

Eventually we plan to add a For Sale section.  This will not be an auction house, and NCPS is in no way involved in the sale itself.

If anyone has something to start the list, let me know.

* A section of your webpage to post photos.

Because of security measures, we currently are not able to offer this feature for people to directly post their photos to the site. Meanwhile, I will be happy to post any photos sent to me.  Please, files in jpg format and no single emails over 1 meg. 

There is, however, a Yahoo discussion group dealing with the NC&StL, which does allow posting of photos:


You may also want to visit Plans for the web site.

Thanks for the suggestions
and keep 'em coming.



NC&StL Preservation Society, Inc. is in no way affiliated with the NC&StL Railway or any of it's successors.
As a non-profit entity, NCPS presents these pages to the public purely for educational and historic interest.

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